Discover the joy of spending three weeks with a French or
Spanish host family.

Who is eligible?

High school students, grades 9-12, enrolled in their second year of
French or Spanish and above. For each group of 12-15 students
there will be one teacher, who will act as chaperon during your
entire trip and homestay.

Who qualifies?
To qualify each candidate will have to fill out a personal
application and provide a reference form from their language
teacher. This application is required to become eligible. It will also
serve in matching you with a prospective host family. We do this
according to gender, interests and activities, so be honest about

How can you apply?
Request an application by filling out the form on the contact page.

Or Download an application packet by clicking

Teachers may request group applications for a class and also apply
for the chaperon position.

When is the application due?
The sooner we receive your request and completed application, the
sooner you will be matched with a French or Spanish family. Also
we can only accommodate as many students as they are volunteer
host families.

Where will the applicants leave from?
Either from Raleigh RDU or Charlotte International airports. The
applicant will fly to Paris.

Who are the host families?
Host families who have children and have applied to host. They
also fill out an application form and having a personal home visit
from Terra Lingua/ Terre des Langues. These families have
volunteered to host American students for no other compensation
other than providing a young student the opportunity to discover
their daily life and activities. The chaperon will be hosted by a
family, just like the participant. Prior to departure, students will
have received information about their host family and contacted
them ahead of time.

I have never traveled abroad,
and my parents hesitate to letting me go.
How do I reassure them?
We will be glad to meet you and your parents/guardians in person
when you have indicated your interest, or respond to the request of
your language teacher when several students from the same school
are involved. Then within one month of your departure we will
have a final orientation with everybody involved.   

My parents are concerned about the expenses involved.
What can I tell them about that?
We have come up with a total price of $3,200. That is all you will
need to pay for the entire experience. In regards to your pocket
change, that’s where you may want to save up ahead of time by
doing some chores or getting a job. We recommend about $400 if
you plan on bringing back some souvenirs. Starting now is to best
way to make things happen later.
We do accept payments in installments.

What can I learn from this experience?
St. Augustine said that “the world is a book and those who do not
travel read only one page.” Only by being exposed to a foreign
language firsthand can it make sense. Only by being in a foreign
land can you truly understand its culture and people.

When can I apply for a passport?
It may take one month to obtain. You can go to the
United States Department of the State website to get information
on how to obtain your passport.
If you already have one, please make sure that it will be valid at
the time of your departure.

jUNE 17-jULY 15TH, 2016
“The world is a book and those who do not
travel read only one page
.” -St. Augustine
Chaperon and Teacher, Alix Phillips (front left
& kneeling) with the Homestay Group in front
of the Musee' d'Orsay, Paris.