Highlights from the gathering at Mrs. Alix Phillips' home on Sunday
April 23rd, 2006.
The All-American favorite pastime-cooking out!
What host families have to say
about the hosting experience:
The Garcia family:  First time host
Their exchange student (pictured in the
middle) is Louis Catoire.  Mrs. Garcia
says she felt good about the experience
and enjoyed sharing her culture with
their French exchange student. She
tells us Louis instantly became a part
of her family. She says she would be
happy to host again.
The Grimaldi Family: First time host
Their exchange student (pictured on the
left) is Maxime Vaillant. The Grimaldi
family said they could not have asked for
a better exchange student and think this
was an excellent experience for their son
as well. The Grimaldi's would also be
willing to host again.
Exchange students with their host families
East Mecklenburg High School
exchange students pose with
their host families.
Piedmont High School
exchange students pose with
their host families.
Students in North Carolina say "Bon Voyage!"
Professor Fladenmuller speaks to
the North Carolina Students at a
Park near Charlotte, NC on May
21st, 2006.
Chaperon and NC teacher
(Left background) will
lead the group to France.
Some of the North Carolina Students
traveling to Bordeaux, France, in July '06
Charlotte, NC:  A picture is worth a thousands words...and there are not enough words these
families can say to describe the exchange experience.
But at a recent gathering for French exchange students and their host families, by the smiles on
their faces, we heard all they had to say!
Take a look at our photo album and some of the pictures taken Sunday April 27th, 2008 at the
home of the Teacher Coordinator at East Mecklenburg High School, Mrs. Alix Phillips.
Alix Phillips (l-front) with the Two
French Teachers and some French
Exchange Students.
Professor Frederic Fladenmuller (center) with
Two French teachers and American teacher

Some  of the
French Students
and their host
Pictures taken Sunday April 29th, 2007 at the home of the Teacher
Coordinator, Mrs. Alix Phillips.
Let's Play Ball!!!!!!