An Exchange Program for French, Spanish and
American Students

Terre des Langues  means "World of Languages."
This exchange program has its own unique connection with North Carolina,
from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Outer Banks. Our international team
consists of teachers and professors from 3 different countries. After working
together for many years, we have started an International Language
T.L.T.L. helps to bring students from France and Spain to North Carolina. We
strive to prepare young people to live in a total immersion experience. There are
many ways to reach this goal but we believe that the family experience is the
most effective way. Thus we bring French and Spanish students to the United
States and also help American students abroad. A host family provides the ideal
setting to discover, firsthand, a different culture.  It becomes a
"real-life classroom."

If you're interesting in traveling to France just click the 'Traveling Abroad'

It's Simple--Like Hola and Bonjour!!!

You can help a French or Spanish student by becoming a
host family.

Do you qualify?  Contact the organization and a
representative will meet with you and your family in
person and pair your family with the most suited foreign
exchange student.   The host family profile varies from
single parents to couples to families with children.  As
long as the host is able to provide an opportunity in a good
environment you don't need to have children to qualify.

What is expected of you? As a host family, you will provide
a foreign student the opportunity to participate in your
daily life and a range of activities.  Your home will be their
school; they are not expected to attend classes during their
stay or be involved in group activities.  Your daily life gives
them sufficient learning challenges. There is no
compensation for the host, but the students have full
medical and liability insurance and bring their own
spending money.  Again, the foremost goal is to discover
American culture with an American family!

What is expected of the exchange student?  The student is
expected to become a full member of the family and to
follow the rules and guidelines provided by their American
host family.  Doing so will provide them with an
authentic, genuine discovery experience.  The exchange
students are the ones to make the effort of adjusting to a
different culture of daily activities.  On our part, we will
every effort to match a student with the best
compatibility to you and your family.

So why do it?  Many hosts are interested in exposing their
own children to a different culture. Others want to help
their children get better acquainted with a language they
are learning in school. Some are just interested in opening
their home to the world; their motivation may be to renew
or further their love and appreciation for another culture
and language.

Do you need to know the language?  No.  Many exchange
students have an average of four to six years of English. In
addition, a foreign teacher and our own office will always
be available to you and to your student to address
differences or answer questions during the homestay.
North Carolina

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